The Doubt of a Fighter

In my life as a Christian, doubt has always been something that significantly effects my life. When I first started really taking my faith seriously, my doubt was something I was incredibly embarrassed about, and I thought that it meant that my entire faith was nothing but a lie I was telling just to fit in.

Along the way I learned that doubt was something that everyone dealt with, and that doubt can be used as motivation to try to learn more and to dig deeper to figure out what you actually believe.

But when I was told that everyone deals with doubt, I always imagined that to strictly apply to someone's walk with God, and any advice I received regarding doubt really didn't apply to those who weren't at least seeking God in some way or another.

However, last week I was watching an episode of The Ultimate Fighter of all things, and there was a segment where the coach Chael Sonnen was giving advice to one of his fighters. Both the question being asked, and the answer that Sonnen gave made me recognize how prevalent doubt is, not just in the Christian faith, but in the world we live in. What struck me even more was how almost identical the advice was for fighting as it is to faith.

Many Christians, and especially young Christians, think they are alone in their doubt. Believe it or not, these people should listen to the wise words of Chael Sonnen: "It's okay, and it's normal."

The day I was told just that, was the day when everything changed in my relationship with God. Doubt does not have to mean that your on the road to failure. The best way to handle doubt in any aspect of life is to acknowledge it, talk about it, and use it for motivation to learn more, dig deeper, and be better. And that is some of the best advice I've ever been given.

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