Malice at the Palace

On November 19, 2004, the Pacers and the Pistons faced off in a regular season game that everyone knew would be heated, but in reality nobody really had a clue.

The game took place at The Palace of Auburn Hills, and the game would later be known as the Malice at the Palace.

In this game, a brawl broke out between the players, and eventually it moved into the stands and it was no longer about two teams, it was simply an all out brawl.

This week, Grantland released an oral history of the events, including quotes from almost everyone involved. It's probably the most interesting piece of sports journalism I've read this year, about one of the craziest events to happen in professional sports. Along with the link, I've also posted the ESPN broadcast of the events. When I was younger, I didn't full realize how crazy this was, and if you're like me, after watching the clip and reading the history, you will definitely be intrigued.

Grantland Article

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