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We live in an age that is obsessed with the social life of celebrities. Due to the popularity of tabloids, the public is aware of almost everything that actors, actresses, comedians, entertainers, and even professional athletes are up to in their spare time. It gets to the point where it almost seems like we've known them our whole lives judging by how much of their life is exposed. The realization of all this exposure got me thinking; if I could hang out with any celebrity, who would it be? So, here on the blog, I've posted my top five. My final list may seem a little weird to most of you, but keep in mind I'm not necessarily basing it upon how famous they are or what they've accomplished, but it's more based on whether the celebrity would be fun to hang out with on more of a personal level. That all being said, here's my list, love it or hate it.

5) Bill Simmons -Sportswriter/Author/TV Personality/Podcaster for ESPN

I know most of you are probably wondering why I would pick Bill Simmons for my list if I could choose literally anyone I wanted, but for me it was actually quite an easy choice. If I'm going to choose someone to hang out with, I am going to ideally choose someone who will be able to relate to my personality, and also share my interests. Bill Simmons and I would get along great. On top of being my favorite sports journalist, he is very witty, insightful, and probably the most passionate sports fan I've ever come across. Not to mention, the guy loves to talk. If Bill Simmons and I got to hang out for a day, the things I would learn about sports would be unbelievable. The best part is that with his humour, he would be able to teach me about sports in an entertaining manner, and not just running off the latest statlines of the 2011 NBA playoffs. Not to mention if we hit it off, maybe he would be able to hook me up with a job at ESPN...but I digress.

4) Bobby Clarke- Former NHL Player/General Manager

This one might surprise you because although I like the Flyers, I am much more of a Leafs fan. That being said, my reasoning for choosing Bobby Clarke is more for the life experience than the team he's associated with. What I mean by that is, Bill Simmons would provide great back and forth conversation, but the stories Bobby Clarke could tell would be unbelievable. To me, the Broad Street Bullies Flyers team of the 70's might just be the most interesting team in sports history, and what went on with that team behind the scenes, and even in the moment, are stories I could listen to all day. Those stories by themselves would be enough for me, but on top of that experience, Clarke could also tell tales of the Summit Series games, the Canada Cup, and also his time as the General Manager of the Canadian Olympic team in Nagano, and the Philadelphia Flyers (most notably during Eric Lindros' tenure with the club). Bobby Clarke has never been the kind of guy to hold his tongue, and hopefully if we hung out, his stories would go on for days.

3) Stone Cold Steve Austin-WWE Wrestler

You might think I'm joking, but this one is actually a no brainer. I don't care if you like wrestling or not, but take one listen to this guy on a microphone, and it should be clear why I would love to hang out with Stone Cold. On top of that, would Stone Cold not be the ultimate backup? Not only is the guy ripped, but try to insult Stone Cold, you're going to eat your words, and get yourself a stunner! Now get me a beer!

2) Steve Nash- Phoenix Suns Point-guard

We are all aware that Steve Nash is the best Canadian basketball player we have ever seen, but that is not the only reason I have him placed as number two on the list. On top of his fame and talent, he's actually a very funny guy. Whether it be in his interviews, tweets, digital shorts, or Vitamin Water commercials, Steve Nash is hilarious.

1) Donald Glover- Comedian, Actor, Writer, Rapper

If you're sick of me talking about my man crush on Donald Glover, I apologize, but "Childish Gambino" is number one on my list. And can you really blame me? Donald Glover has got to be one of the most talented people in the entertainment business today. If you haven't watched his hit comedy series: Community, seen his comedy routine, or listened to his music, I suggest you get on that as soon as possible, On top of all his talent, he just seems like a really down to earth guy; a man of the people you might say. Below is an example of why Donald Glover's personality appeals to me so much. To give some background, recently Childish Gambino tweeted that he was going to be playing an impromptu musical set at a local steakhouse in Boise State. Later that night, the bar was packed with Gambino fans, who were treated to a violin accompanied set by Childish Gambino, putting both his talent and humour on full display through his music.

Well, that's it for me. I hope you enjoyed my list of appealing celebrities. What's yours?